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[046] Get Clear on Your Value for a Strong 2021

January 04, 2021 Kara Ronin Season 2 Episode 46
The Leadership Pod
[046] Get Clear on Your Value for a Strong 2021
Show Notes

What is the value you bring to your team or company? What is your value contribution to your organisation? This is something all emerging leaders need to be very clear on in order to create their leadership brand.

Getting clear on the value you bring isn’t something we think about. Many of the coaching clients I work with don’t know how to answer the question, “What value do you bring your company?”.

As you will learn in this podcast episode, when you’re clear on your value, you’re one step closer to creating your leadership brand - and you’re one step further away from the spiral of self-doubt

This podcast episode gives you the space and opportunity to explore the value that you bring.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode on “Get Clear on Your Value for a Strong 2021”.

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