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[057] How to Speak Like a Leader at Work

March 29, 2021 Kara Ronin Season 2 Episode 57
The Leadership Pod
[057] How to Speak Like a Leader at Work
Show Notes

How to speak like a leader at work. As you advance into leadership, you’ll be required to use a different style of communication in the workplace. You will need to move away from the style of communication you used early on in your career and adopt a more assertive and confident style of communication.

Speaking like a leader and sounding like a leader in workplace conversations is critical if you want to advance into a leadership position. You must know how to delegate to your team confidently and effectively. You will need to know how to share your opinions with conviction. And you will also need to learn to be okay with disagreeing, and disagree assertively.

Whether it’s delegating, sharing your opinions or disagreeing, these are not communication styles that people commonly use when they are entry level in their career. However as you advance into leadership, these communication techniques are what will make you stand out, get noticed and get promoted.

In this podcast episode and related YouTube vide (below), I delve into these three communication techniques to help you speak like a leader at work.

If you’re an emerging leader and you feel your communication needs improving because people don’t listen to you at work, you get overlooked in meetings, or you don’t have the impact you want, then this episode is definitely for you.

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