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[058] 3 Words That Make You Sound Weak in the Workplace

April 05, 2021 Kara Ronin Season 2 Episode 58
The Leadership Pod
[058] 3 Words That Make You Sound Weak in the Workplace
Show Notes

What words make you sound weak in the workplace? If you’re an emerging leader, it’s likely you’ve asked yourself this question at some stage in your career.

Communication is an incredibly important part of your leadership presence. Sometimes a simple change in the words that you use can have a dramatic impact on the way you are perceived in the office.

There are a number of commonly used words that easily make leaders sound weak. These words can make you sound uncertain, hesitant and unsure of yourself. This is certainly not the image you want to portray when you are an emerging leader.

In this podcast episode, and YouTube video below, I share with you three words that you want to avoid because they make you sound weak in the workplace.

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